Bacolod Campus

Hurrah to the achievements of CASAP Bacolod.

CASAP leads itself in preparing each member to be productive, who serve and make God the center of their existence. Founded in 2010 with three start up campuses in Pasig, Taytay Rizal and Bacolod, CASAP is a training ground for global competitiveness of its students. CASAP is a private school that provides every student a world class holistic education renowned for its competency through the areas of technical and practical knowledge.

With the guidance of CASAP mission and vision, the academic and non-academic units of the school implemented engagement activities that seek to improve the individual and social responsibility.

The month of August marks the national language celebration, spearheaded by the Department of Education. In line with the Ded-Ed’s goal to promote understanding on the use of Filipino language, CASAP held its Annual celebration of  “Buwan ng Wika” to remind the importance of Filipino language in enforcing discipline that will lead to national development, also the pride of being  a true Filipino. Some revel activities for the celebration include food preparation competition, indigenous classroom decoration and the anticipated boodle fight. Indeed it was not only a celebration of the language but a remembrance of the country’s struggle for freedom which intensified our pride as we CASAPIANS, are true Filipinos.

Despite the heavy downpour of rain, nothing has stopped the anticipated CASAP Aquaintance Party 2017 on September 16, 2017 in Garden Royale,Bacolod City. The event served as venue for developing network and brotherhood in order to achieve the CASAPian’s collective goals. With the entire hallway becoming busier than usual because of the smiles and parade of extravagant black suits and fancy gowns, we could not help but make a different kind of list of CASAP culture that we celebrate-a culture of hard work, fun, camaraderie and wholeness. The highlight events of the ceremony are the pop dance competition and the most awaited search fo Mr. CASAP 2017. Winning the contest was a cakewalk for the IT Department which surpassed the other courses for the pop dance competition, and for Joshua Granada of the BSAT Department for being crowned the Mr. CASAP 2017. Beyond the allure of celebration, it was a night to remind everyone of the institution’s success. This party was not only a simple acquaintance gala, but a celebration of every CASAPIAN’S achievement.

The national Language Week and Acquaintance Party are just a glimpse of the more interesting activities in store for the CASAPians. Adhering to the CASAP MISSION, VISION and GOAL, the CASAPians unite in achieving our success.