Marikina Campus

CASAP Marikina formally opened its doors to serve Marikeños in 2016 due to the demand for schools offering Senior High School in accordance to the newly implemented K-12 Program. During its opening, it initially offered academic programs such as Nursery, Kindergarten, Grade School, High School, and Senior High School. At present, the campus is now brewing plans to have a collegiate program. It is important to note that CASAP Marikina was officially recognized by the Department of Education (DepEd) in the same year it opened which happens to be a rare and unusual case.


Currently, the campus offers two career tracks for Senior High School: Academic and Technical-Vocational Livelihood. Accountancy, Business, and Management, General Academic, and Humanities and Social Sciences strands are offered under the Academic track while Bread and Pastry, Call Center Service, Cookery, Computer Hardware System, Food and Beverage Service, Housekeeping, Local Guiding, and Programming strands are offered under the Technical-Vocational Livelihood track.


CASAP Marikina houses quality facilities which are designed to help students in obtaining the necessary knowledge and skills that will develop them to become globally competitive individuals. Below are some of the facilities that the branch has.


  • Computer Laboratory- This facility is intended to help students acquire excellent computer skills. The laboratory is fully air-conditioned, contains more than 40 computer sets and has fast internet connection.

  • Kitchen Laboratory- The kitchen Lab is specifically made available for students who are taking Bread and Pastry and Cookery which will serve as their training ground in order for them to be completely equipped with exceptional culinary skills. Moreover, the kitchen is inclusive of superior-quality equipment and culinary tools.

  • Mock Hotel- This facility is purposely designed to cater to students who are taking Housekeeping. The Mock Hotel simulates a hotel room complete with a Queen-sized bed, a coffee table, a wardrobe, and a spacious bathroom installed with a toilet, a shower, and a roomy bathtub.

  • Science Laboratory- The science laboratory contains long and wide tables for experiments, sinks, a mini-shower area, and an array of scientific equipment and tools which are sure to make young minds more excited and eager to learn about Science.


Aside from the excellent facilities that the school brags about, it also boasts of the fun extracurricular activities that it provides for the students. Each month, one or two activities are prepared for the students to serve as a supplementary to classroom instruction. In CASAP Marikina, it is believed that learning should not only be confined within the four corners of the classroom. Aware that the students it caters to are what is popularly known as “millenials”, authentic and meaningful experiences are prepared and organized.


However, the true gem of CASAP Marikina is its amazing teachers. Majority of the teachers employed in the branch are licensed, professionals and degree holders. These teachers not only serve in the school to teach, but to act as agents of change and curators of passion.


Indeed, CASAP Marikina is not only keen in honing and molding students to be intellectual creatures but it aims to make students holistically better individuals who someday, soon, will be the future professionals of the world.