Pasig Campus

CASAP Pasig Campus is strategically located right in front of LRT2 Santolan Station along Marcos Highway. With academic excellence as its main goal, CASAP Pasig is continuously striving for accreditation of New Courses and Programs.  At present, CASAP is offering various Programs for the Tertiary Level such as BS Accounting Technology, BS Tourism Management, BS Entrepreneurship, Certificate in ICT, Certificate in Business Services, Certificate in Travel Services, Certificate in Hospitality Services.  The new K-12 system, enabled the school to now offer the SHS Program. 


With a strong, cohesive and competent faculty members and non-academic personnel, CASAP Pasig will surely make its mark and will be a force to reckon with in the Academe.


CASAP Pasig students are educated and trained in a holistic approach.  The students are not only taught practical theories and concepts but are also exposed to various activities which are aimed in their physical and emotional development as well.  What makes a CASAP Pasig student stand out is his or her competitive attitude to be the #1, Champion, Victor in every competition and ultimately to be successful in life.


Characteristics of a true CASAPian is evident in the recently held activities such as Sabayang Bigkas Competition, Slogan and Poster Making Competition, Sanaysay and Spoken Poetry during the Linggo ng Wika last August 18.

CASAP Pasig had national exposure when our very own alumnus Chef Michael Cabildo guested in “Good Morning Kuya” at UNTV last September 7 and “Umagang Kay Ganda” at ABS-CBN last Sept 19, donning his Chef Uniform with the CASAP Logo. He became a champion in theFirst-ever Quail Festival last October 1 at Lipa City.

Mr & Ms Eco-friendly showcased the student’s creativity and love for the environment using only recycled materials held last September 28.  The students produced fashionable clothes and paraded them “Run Way Style”.

The Festival Dances Competition


It was the festive air that made the gloomy day gay. The colorful costumes worn by the festival dancers added to the gaiety of the time.

The festival dancers were composed of sixteen sections. The Moriones Festival was represented by Carlucio. They mimicked the “Passion of the Christ”. Carlucio’s were donning with colorful Roman costumes, painted masks and brightly colored Tunics. Emerson Galang, the photographer of the event and the representative of section Macintosh ,his group proudly showed off the ethnic mardi-grass parade which recalled how the coastal towns were attacked by the Moro,s. Thus, it was called the “Sirong Festival. Other festivals like Mascara, Kaamulan, Dinangyang, Sumakan, Coconut, Tanduyung, Hermosa, Panangbenga, or the flower festival, where the dancers were clad in flower-inspired costumes. Caragan festival, Ati-atihan, Sinulog, Binalbal, and the Kadayawan festival.

As one gets used to the depicted dances where each group performed, a glimpse of the history of the people that once lived a long time ago flashes back. The dancers portrayed the many traditions that flourished before the Spaniards came. These include the worship of idols, and indigenous music. The festival was not only for its aesthetic value. It has also served as an anti-dotes for the students and teachers. CASAPIANS were transported into the world of splendid ethnic competition. A celebration of festivities and a celebration of CASAP’s camaraderie…..ended as champions and winners of the festivities! Casap,Pasig2017.

These activities and events are just the beginning. There are still a lot of other activities lined up for this school year i.e. the Acquaintance Party, Foundation/Family Day, Outreach and Community Immersion Program, Student Conference, Educational Tour/Team Building, etc. making it more fun to study in CASAP Pasig.