The Griffin

Combination of the king of the jungle and the souring leader of the birds. Known as the guardian of treasures.

In CASAP we assure to secure your future in giving you high standard education so in the future you may become the king of your chosen field and soar high to your dreams. Or simply, you can roar like a lion and soar high like an eagle.

The Crown

Symbolizes, leadership, supremacy and integrity.

CASAP graduates are equipped with the knowledge and wisdom they need in facing the real world.

The Shield

Signifies protection.

A graduate of CASAP is future-protected.

CASAP is a member of a group of companies that will be able to help their graduates to have a career after they graduate.

The Laurel

Is a symbol of intelligence, a symbol of martial victory. Also used as a proof of victory in different events.

If you are a CASAP graduate, we can assure that you’re fully equipped with all the wisdom you need. At CASAP we have competent faculty and willing to engage with you to reach your dreams.